Areas of Consulting

  • Management Consultancy

Consulting practices; among others in the travel industry
Development of business strategies e.g. in the field of tourism and business travel industry
Professional modelling and development of concepts
Cost-benefit analysis

  • Personnel Consultancy

Recruiting at all levels; starting at the level of advertisement and going on to executive search
Main sectors:
- Service industry: travel, banks, insurances, publishers, agencies etc.
- Engineering: automotive, automotive suppliers, electronic industry
- Technology: IT- / Telco- / SAP
In addition we offer to arrange research-projects for your company that will be conducted by our own research team
Classic or Digital procedure

  • Training

Managers and Executives
Marketing staff – office work as well as external work -
Call-Center employees
Operation employees
Presence and Digital Training, national and international

  • Instructing and Tutoring

For diverse companies and institutions
On-site or Digital, national or international

  • Human Resources Development

For example:
- Job descriptions
- Agreement on objectives
- Assessment systems
- Variable compensation models
- Assessment Center for employess and managers that is based on academic research and Internet-supported
On-site or Remote

  • Management Coaching

Individual measures including personal coaching on site
Extensive education and experience in this area are assured
Individual analysis of the present situation and development of to-be concepts in all consulting areas
Presence and Digital Coaching, national and international

  • Outplacement

Individual consulting for a professional reorientation
Development of a modern application strategy
Complete coaching throughout the process
On-site and / or Digital

  • References

Following you will find three examples of our international HR services:

2016 in Singapore for an International Aviation Company / Technical Division:

- Exhibition Training for the Asian English speaking booth staff with culture Training to satisfy the international clients requirements – in the HQ in Singapore

- On-site live Coaching – Exhibition Area in Singapore – at the actual exhibition plus debriefing after – follow up technical etc.

2017 in Dubai / UAE for an International Architecture Company:

- Multiple Coaching of the General Manager – during each visit

- Four Workshops about Leadership, Communication and Exhibition Training for the staff – a couple of different training days/weeks in 2017 – in the HQ of the company

2017 in Dubai / UAE for a Government Commerce Section:

- Interculture Training for Non-Germans from different areas around the world – each participant was working with German Companies in the Middle East

- Communicating and working in workshops during training with international citizen and colleagues to understand the German working style / behavior / requirements of the HQ in Germany

  • Further project work inland and abroad according to prior individual agreement possible

For more information about our consulting areas:

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